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How to Recover Data from SSD Hard Drive?

The storage devices are evolving from time to time. They are getting cheaper, smaller in size and larger in storage space. These devices are used to store large amount of information in them without causing any damage to the files and other applications present in the device. Media files like audio, video and pictures can be stored, the office work, documents and other programs can all be collected and stored in the device. Unfortunately like other storage devices the information present in these devices may get deleted or lost due to various reasons mentioned below. Don't Worry!!! These files are not permanently lost from the storage media and are easily recovered. The recover SSD tool gets back all the data present in the device effectively. Even you can recover formatted SSD drive data after accidental or intentional formatting in hassle-free manner.

Scenarios that cause loss of data from SSD are:

Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion of the partitions while formatting the unwanted partition cause data loss. Even the partitioning errors are caused while creating new partitions in the system to store information in the ordered way creates data loss. Using this tool one can easily recover SSD files & folder deleted or lost in this scenario.

Multiple OS: As the requirements for work have increased, the system is loaded with many applications to perform many tasks that are required for the completion of the work. Nowadays even multiple operating systems have to be installed for carrying out the work smoothly. Hence sometimes while installing multiple operating systems, the drives containing important data may get formatted accidentally leading to loss of valuable information. So, in order to recover SSD data, this efficient tool must be utilized.

Defragmentation Failure: The files present in the system must be in order. If the files are stored in non-contigeous location of hard drive then the system performace and speed become less. In order to increase the performance and to maximize the storage space the drive need to be defragmented. During the defragmentation process, if power outage or system gets shutdown abruptly then defragmentation failure occurs resulting in loss of entire data.

Power Surge: Power surge is considered to be the main reason behind the loss of information present in the hard drive. While files or other information is transferred from one system to other system or another external drives sudden power cuts will lead to hard drive failure hence the entire information present in it is lost. So, this tool is an ideal solution to achieve ssd crash recovery either on Windows or Mac OS.

The SSD recovery tool is built with special algorithms such that it scans the entire drive within minutes and recovers the information which is lost or deleted from the partitions which fail to mount or which don’t mount. SSD recovery software is also designed to efficiently recover SSD data from Kingston brand, to retrieve valuable information present in the storage media. Follow simple steps to perform kingston ssd data recovery with ease. The files which are recovered from scanning process are listed on the basis of their unique signatures, the data which is not listed can be found from the by using the specific signatures present. SSD recovery is available as a free demo version using which the user can view the recovered data prior to saving them to the desired destination location. Recovered information from the scanning process can be compressed using various compressing techniques present hence a lot of memory space can be saved from the SSD hard drive. If you are looking to recover SSD data on your MacBook Air, then macbook air ssd recovery software helps you in restoring data in couple of minutes.

Sometimes your files may get deleted from SSD by mistake. You may have pressed "Shift + Delete" option & erased an important file. Don't panic!!! You can make use of this tool to recover SSD data.

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Steps to recover SSD drive data:

Step1: Download and install the SSD recovery tool in the system by logging in as system administrator to know how to restore SSD data. Click on the “Recover Partitions/Drives” option from the main screen to recover SSD data.

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step2: Select either “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” as per the requirement. To recover SSD data, click on the SSD drive and press the “Next” button. Select the type of files that have to be recovered and select “Next” to start the scanning process to recover data from SSD.

Fig 2 : Selete appropriate option

Step3: The recovered files can be previewed prior to saving them to the desired destination folder.

Fig 3 : Preview recovered

Tips for data back up:

To keep oneself away from the headache to recover ssd drives that are formatted, keep a good back up all the important information present in separate drive so that you can restore data when you lose it.